On your dashboard you can view earnings and other information at a glance.


This feature allows you send messages to admin users. just click the “Compose” button to begin


Write a subject and then compose the message you want to be sent to the admin before clicking Send.

Create nd share coupons, and earn a commission each time your coupon codes are used!.

Create and share cart links with your customers, allowing them to easily place orders with the exact products they need.
To place orders on behalf of customers directly, and only send them the payment link, go to My Customers -> Shop as Customer.

Share your affiliate links with potential customers, and earn a commission when they are used!.

Here you can view and manage your customers. Through the “Shop as Customer” button, you can place orders on behalf of customers.
By choosing the “pending payment” option at checkout, customers will be sent a payment link by email.

Here you can create subagent accounts that will be part of your team. You receive commissions based on their earnings.

Here you can view and keep track of your earnings.

View and keep track of your payouts.

Your basic profile information.